The famous Stingray City Tours have been around in the Cayman Islands for quite a number of years. Grand Cayman has become popular to a lot of people for this very reason. More people will remember Stingray City more than anything else done on their entire week long cruise.

Grand Cayman is known to be very flat.  It is blessed however with the North Sound.  A 35 square feet lagoon like area that is protected by a 7 mile long barrier reef.  This bay is only 8 to 10 feet deep with a few shallow sand-bars in different areas. These are mostly 3 to 4 feet deep with the most popular one called Stingray City.

A number of companies offer Stingray City Tours where you take a boat ride to the sand bar and feed the Rays. They allow you to touch and play with them in a way most people would not even imagine. They are quite friendly and expect us to interact with them as we would do with other animals on land. This 35 minutes spent at Stingray City is often not enough to figure out the how’s and why’s of this amazing experience.

Most tour operators include another stop or two on their Stingray City tour for snorkeling. This could be just about any spot along the seven miles of the barrier reef or in an area where there is a cluster of beautiful coral heads. This will also provide its’ own bundle of surprises, from any number of tropical to sometimes a green moray eel or two. With the right tour guide the fun can be endless.

Some people prefer a private charter and have the boat for themselves to share this moment with close friends and family.