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Stingray City private charters allows you to get most out of your tour. The focus will be on you and your group wants to do.

  • Stingray City Private Charter

With Stingray City private charters you are able to enjoy the tour with just your your group. The luxury of space and comfort, time to do what you want to at your own pace.

First Stop – Coral Gardens

Coral Gardens is a unique, beautiful natural underwater area with a number of beautiful coral heads located 5 minutes from Stingray City in the North Sound of Grand Cayman. It is a marine park which is home for, hundreds of species of tropical fish like. Parrot Fish, Angel Fish, Trigger Fish and Eels are also full-time residents here. We will from time to time see the occasional green sea turtle grazing. What makes this snorkel spot truly special, is what lies beneath the surface… because the coral formations here are AMAZING!

Second Stop – Barrier Reef

Barrier reef is a formations of reefs spanning 7 miles across the edge of the North Sound. This separates the deep water from the shallow. You will snorkel on the shallow side which is about 10 to 15 feet of crystal clear water. This is also the home of all types of tropical fish and the green Moray eel. A generous population of Bermuda Chubs are also residents there and they are trained to eat from your hand. This is a really cool experience and will be loads of fun.

Third Stop – Stingray City

Spend some quality time with our very domesticated Caymanian Stingrays. These friendly creatures will approach you while you are standing in 3 to 4 ft of water of the sandbar. They will rub against you and allow you to pet and even kiss them. You will be given the opportunity to participate in the unique experience of feeding these stingrays. We normally provide squid, and you are taught how to hold it and have them take it from your hands. The stingrays look forward to this interaction and this is one of the few places in the world where you will be able to see them in their own habitat.

Fourth Stop – Star Fish Beach

This like a private Island on the other side of Grand Cayman. It is a 10 minutes ride over from Stingray City where we will spend some time on the beach with the starfish. There are a few species of starfish available for viewing and petting.

With a Stingray City private charter you’re able to enjoy the tour with your group. The luxury of space and comfort, time to do what you want to at your own pace.
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