Often times, the best Grand Cayman excursions are not revealed on your first visit. It will take a point in the right direction by a local or a visitor who has spent enough time there. The list of things to do can be quite surprising for a small island.

It would be obvious that most of the activities are water related as it is a small island. This is a wide range from very quietly sitting on the beach to speeding across the water on a jet ski. Whatever is your preference they are all here for you.

Here are the top seven.

1 Stingray City Snorkel

Take  a 35 minutes boat ride out for the famous Stingray City tour and live the magical encounter with the rays.

2 Turtle Farm

The Cayman Islands Turtle Farm is one of a kind and is a place that kids totally enjoy.

3 Beaches

As an Island there are beaches along a lot of the coastline but the most popular is the Seven Mile Beach. Great place for the whole family to relax and soak up the sun.

4  Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

If you like spending a little time in the wild I am sure you will be right at home exploring the plants and landscapes of the Park.

5. Diving & Snorkeling

The real beauty of the Cayman Islands is located under the water, as a result some artificial sites are added for a greater variety. With the crystal water for 100 feet deep there is never a dull moment.

  6. Pedro St. James

This is where most of the history of that Cayman Islands can be found. Pedro St. James is also a great venue for weddings and other celebrations.

7. Camana Bay 

This is a fairly new additions to the list of  best Grand Cayman excursions but it is quickly moving up in ranks as a favorite. Is very beautifully designed as an all in one location with all the things you have or do. This includes a state of the movie theater with all the latest, restaurants, shops, banks and more.