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The Kittiwake

This is one of the popular snorkel stops in Grand Cayman, a premier underwater attraction known as the Kittiwake. The USA Navy Vessel was brought to the Cayman Islands and sunk in 2011 to make an artificial reef.

The Kittiwake is a large vessel measuring 251 feet long, hosting 5 decks, and weighing 2200 tons. She sits in ~60 feet of water. Open water divers can swim the first three decks, and advanced divers can swim through all five decks. Some highlights of the dive include two re-compression champers, which served the divers who got decompression sickness on the Kittiwake, the bathroom which still has mirrors so you can see yourself, and the mess hall which still has tables and chairs.

Its a must do once you are in Grand Cayman a very interesting shallow dive.


Photo: Aerial Innovations